ABITS FIPA Messenger

The agent communication tool.

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ABITS FIPA Messenger is a lightweight Java API that allows one way communication from a Java (supporting) environment to a FIPA compliant MAS. With ABITS FIPA Messenger you do not need to create a local MAS to send a message.
ABITS FIPA Messenger is free and open source software, the code is released under the GNU General Public License.

ABITS FIPA Messenger is tested with AgentFactory and JADE. ABITS FIPA Messenger should work with any FIPA compliant MAS.


The source code is available for download from SourceForge. This is a first public release and is more concerned with getting the integration with SourceForge going correctly. A ZIP is supplied with an Ant build script and the manual.


All the source is now in CVS in SourceForge.
Accessing the project on SourceForge seems to be very slow.


The ABITS project is concerned with building an Intelligent Tutoring System using Intelligent Agents.


Eleni Mangina Phelan's homepage is here.
Bernard-Joseph Roche may be emailed at bjroche-spamfree AT gmail.com, by removing the spamfree part. His homepage is here.